Jordan + Shelby :: Hitched


It was such a pleasure to be at Jordan and Shelby’s wedding…and by pleasure I mean a blast. I’ve ...

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Annie + Matthew :: Hitched


I love seeing the way they compliment each others personalities and love people deeply. It was re...

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Claudia + Patrick :: Engaged


Claudia and Patrick’s story began with a random encounter at a party, but if you spend any time w...

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Annie + Matthew :: Engaged


The first time I met Annie she was junior in high school. She was kind, compassionate, bubbly, an...

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Liz + Austin :: Engaged


These two are the real deal.   I really like being around them. They’re honest, easy to be with, ...

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Shannon + Josh :: Hitched


I’m not even sure where to start. All I know is I laughed, I cried, I was proud, I was honored, I...

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