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Baby Evelyn :: Newborn


Folks…brace yourself.   Meet the sweetest newborn babe I know, Evelyn. She was born in early Nove...

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Katie + Orrin :: Hitched


Feast your eyes on one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen! Y’all, Katie and Orrin are ...

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Kristan + Guy :: Engaged


Y’all…Kristan and Guy. They are star athletes turned med student and teacher. I’d say they’re the...

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Abbie + Clayton :: Engaged


You are about to lay your eyes on one good lookin’ couple. Meet Abbie and Clayton.   Kingsport, T...

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Christy + Zach :: Engaged


Easy going, no-nonsense, funny, and a good time…..that’s how I’d describe this couple. Zach and C...

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Ashley + Tony :: Hitched


What. A. Couple.   The weather on their day was anything but predictable; yet, these two could no...

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