This. Wedding.  A chilly day turned magical.


I first met Meredith a few years ago, when I shot her sister’s wedding. I fell in love with this family and their people so when I was asked to do Meredith and Devin’s wedding…it was an easy “yes”. These two are easy to like, easy to be around and easy on the camera lens. Here’s one of my favorite thing about their day: A common thread of family heirlooms and family legacy throughout all the major parts of the ceremony as well as the details that would only be known to them. Meredith and Devin place great value in honoring those who stand beside them and those whose name they carry on. As a photographer, it is pleasure to shoot beautiful venues, flowers, and wedding dresses but it is a JOY to help this family remember the personalized flowers, the symbolic tree planted by both families, cake toppers passed down for generations, and vows said in front of a stunning handmade cross.


Welp, I can’t stand it any longer….here are some pictures. Congratulations, Masoners!