If I told you they saw each other for the first time on roof of a building downtown, would you believe me? If I told you they had a square dance called at their reception with a live bluegrass band, would you believe me? I’ll prove it.


Tyler and Shelby had a one-of-a-kind wedding in Johnson City, Tennessee in October. Their ceremony was in a beautiful chapel on the Milligan College campus and the reception was in a public park right in the middle of downtown. I mean these two lit up the night in their own city for all to see and it was awesome. Delicious bbq from the best, and my personal favorite, Firehouse Restaurant, live music, and dancing, oh and cake and, and, and…It was like they planned this wedding for me. KIDDING. It was totally Tyler and Shelby’s style of creating an experience that cultivates conversation and memories. These two are committed to honoring Jesus with their lives and they did with their wedding too.


Thank you for letting me join you on your day and letting us take downtown JC! Here, here!