Good gosh this was a heavenly day. I was in middle school when I first met Steph and she has always been a woman of beauty and grace. She is humble and thoughtful and genuine. And she met a man, Will, who brings a lot of those same things to the table. I got the honor of watching Will get down on one knee and ask Steph to marry him through my camera lens and people, it was so, so sweet. They were glowing …. I mean like real glowing with lots of uncontrollable smiling.

So, August 13th couldn’t come fast enough for all of us. Stephanie and Will got married at the gorgeous Church Street United Methodist Church in Knoxville, TN (Fun fact: her parents were married there too!). I think Will was made to wear bow-ties and be called Hambone, and Steph was made to wear this dress to walk down this aisle. Jesus was glorified, the bride and groom were loved by their guests, and everybody got sweaty on the dance floor – let’s do it again!