Brace yourself. I’m crazy about these clients and their wedding day to come in October in Knoxville. 


Claudia and Patrick’s story began with a random encounter at a party, but if you spend any time with these two you’ll see that it was no accident. They love deeply, laugh really hard, and just plain LIKE each other. Sometimes, couples I work with truly love each other but don’t always like each other during pictures. They are not that couple by a long shot.


Claudia told me they never take pictures together because of busyness, but I think it is because they enjoy the moment rather than the “selfie” of a moment. They are totally present where they are and with each other and if I didn’t know better, I’d think part-time modeling was their side gig. It is an honor to be able to help them remember the highlights of 2016.


People, stay tuned to see more from their culturally blended PARTY of a wedding. It will not disappoint!